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Sunday, December 9, 2018

My first published articles!!!

Hiya everyone!
I'm so super excited about this. In the past month I had my first three articles published! The first one I worked on this year was for PLY Magazine for their Winter 2018 Sock Yarn issue. The digital issue just released today and the print copy will be shipping out this week! The other two articles I wrote for tinyStudio Creative Life a new digital magazine that just launched its first issue on November 23rd! I never thought this was something I'd ever have the opportunity to do so it's been quite a thrill to work on these projects. If you aren't subscribed to these two magazines I'd highly recommend them both!

Turkish Spindles, Sleeping Turtles, and Matching Socks
 - PLY Magazine Winter 2018

Akerworks Modular Adjustable Spindle System Review
 - tinyStudio Creative Life November 2018

A Perfect Spindle
 - tinyStudio Creative Life November 2018

Friday, August 18, 2017

Outstanding Images for the Fiber Artist

I'm so excited to announce that my very first Fiber Arts course will be available starting this Saturday on FiberyGoodness!!!! It has been a dream of mine for an extremely long time even before I got into Fiber Arts about being able to help Artisans to take the best photos of their work possible to really showcase the amazing hard work they've put into their creations. It can be so difficult to capture the real beauty of three dimensional work, to really capture it's essence and allow the viewer to get a full grasp of the amount of work that has gone into the subject matter as well as a feel for it.

Through this course I share my techniques and skills I use only a daily basis to photograph my projects. Students will learn about the basics of photography including how to get the best lighting, composition, and the best ways to use your camera whether you are using a DSLR or Mobile device. The course has been tailored specifically for fiber artists whether you are a spinner, weaver, knitter, crocheter etc. Suzy Brown (Woolwench) has also added a special section about branding your work and making your photographs tell a story. This can greatly help your work stand out among the rest and allow it to be easily recognized as your work when anyone sees it.

We will be opening enrollment on FiberyGoodness on Saturday(5pm PST) and run a live event on Sunday(2:15pm PST) to answer any questions you might have about our course.

For more information about this course check out our course page.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spin the Bin 2014

Hi everyone,
It's been awhile. I've been keeping pretty busy lately mostly with work, spinning, and knitting. My latest projects are coming along nicely and I signed up for Funonion's Spin the Bin this year which has been greatly motivating to keep on spinning to keep up with my yearly goal.

I've been pretty anxious and nervous over the past several months waiting to get my Wee Peggy back. I'm extremely happy I decided to jump on the offer to get my Wee Peggy spruced up.  She took a trip to Montana to get spruced up at Q's Quality Wood Work. Ella received a new custom made larger flyer, 2 larger capacity bobbins, and a faster whorl. The new bobbins are the exact same size as Pocket Wheel bobbins and are much larger than the dinky Ashford DD bobbins I was using. I'm extremely pleased with the improvements. I've never considered myself a fan of orange but I'm loving the new orange driveband and I plan on getting some matching Akerworks flatpack bobbins to coordinate.

Aura and Wee Peggy

Merino/Cashmere dyed by Woolgatherings
In other exciting news I received this absolutely amazing handmade leather tote from my mother-in-law. Her talent with leather never ceases to amaze me. This bag was made for my Jenkins Turkish Egret which is my favorite out of all my spindles but too large to carry around. Now that I have this bag I'll be able to tote my Egret everywhere!

After much hibernation my Ink Cardigan is back and picking up speed. I finally got to the point where I could try it on and YAY it fits beautifully.

Ink Cardigan - Handspun BFL/Silk dyed by Allspunup
I also started on a Cladonia shawl that I am knitting along with Leslie. I sent her some 15.5 micron merino that I spun in a color that screamed Leslie and it ended up being the same weight and yardage as my Suri Alpaca so we decided to do a knit along. It's been so fun seeing how they are both coming along and how the different yarns look. Each yarn has it's own feel and look and both are going to be stunning.

Suri Alpaca
Cladonia Shawl - Handspun Suri Alpaca dyed by Woolgatherings
On to the big goal of the year Spin the Bin. I picked out several braids that I'd like to spin this year and my goal is to spin them all this year or at least spin that much in weight as I have added some projects in and will possibly take some out. I set my goal at 52.39 oz and so far I've spun 14.9 oz with 4 of that I'll be plying next Saturday.

Spinning Goal - 52.39 oz
  • DONE 4oz Silver Alpaca/Tussah Silk 70/30 (Woolgatherings) Spinning on Aura
  • Almost done needs plied 4oz Merino/Cashmere 70/30 (Woolgatherings)(.79 oz was spun prior to the start of the year) Spinning on Buggie Aegean
  • 29.59 oz Merino/Yak/Silk 60/20/20 (Woolgatherings) +4 oz undyed to test with Spinning on Aura
  • DONE 1.5 oz Merino pigtails (Greenwood Fibers) Spinning on Dragonfly Egret
  • DONE 1.4 oz Colton batt (Abstract Fiber’s kid Colton)(.16oz spun prior to the start of the year) Spinning on Tulipwood Lark
  • 3.9 oz Merino/Silk 50/50 (BJS Fiber Creations) Spinning on Holiday
  • 4 oz Rolags (Jump Sheep) Spinning on Holiday
  • DONE ADDED 4oz BFL/Silk/Sparkle 60/20/20 (Woolgatherings) Spinning on Aura
  • ADDED 4oz Merino/Silk 50/50 (Woolgatherings) Spinning on Dragonfly Egret
Washing Goal
  • Midori Fleece(unknown weight)
  • Hank Fleece 2lbs 11 oz.
 Here's what I've done so far.

Merino Pigtails plied against River Stone Polwarth both dyed by Greenwood Fiberworks
Silver Alpaca/Tussah dyed by Woolgatherings
Merino/Cashmere dyed by Woolgatherings - 2 oz spun
BFL/Silk/Sparkle dyed by Woolgatherings - Spun on Akerworks Flatpack bobbin
BFL/Silk/Sparkle dyed by Woolgatherings
Colton Batt
Colton Batt
 I feel like I've been making good progress. All the spring colors have been fun to work with and remind me that spring is coming soon. We've had several nice days already, our plants are coming up, and leaves are budding. I cannot wait for more of the beautiful weather that is in store this year.


Thursday, February 7, 2013

Latest Spinning and Knitting Projects

I've been pretty busy over the past couple months trying to work on projects that were meant to be for Christmas but took a lot longer than anticipated. I made a pair of Gryffindor Mitts for my coworker Y2jenn,  I finished one Boomslang cowl from spinning to knitted and I'm still working on a second cowl which was carded, made into rolags, spun, and soon to be knitted as soon as it dries.

Before I get onto the projects and photos I had something exciting happen this week. I frequent the Majacraft forum on Ravelry posting my WIP and helping people out when I can. Earlier this week I received a private message from Glynis Poad one of the wonderful family members who creates the Majacraft wheels. She was impressed with my lace spinning with the Aura and was curious if I would allow them to share my findings on spinning lace with the Aura. Absolutely thrilled and honored that she asked I said yes right away, totally made my day. The article just went live yesterday evening and can be found on their Tutorial section on their Resources page.

You can download the PDF file here
I participated in a Secret Santa gift exchange with my team at work and got Jenn. I had made her a Gryffindor Scarf several years ago and unfortunately she really can't enjoy it in Texas so I thought some arm warmers might work out better.

Settings for Singles
Bobbin Drive - groove 1
Flyer Drive - groove 2 on lace whorl
Tension 25%

Settings for Navajo Plying
Bobbin Drive - groove 1
Flyer Drive - groove 2 on regular whorl
Tension 25%

465.5 yards out of 4.1 oz of Merino
413 yards out of 3.75 oz

The first cowl I made the spinning worked out perfectly for the pattern. I spun it as is and Navajo plied it to keep the beautiful color transitions. Even without adjusting the pattern the color transitions fell right into place perfectly.

Same settings as the Gryffindor Mitts yarn above.

BFL/Seacell dyed by Woolgatherings - 8.15 oz

915 yards 24 WPI

 The second cowl I'm working on I purchased two similarly dyed bumps of wool from Woolgatherings but due to the different fiber types I thought it would be best to card them together. One bump was Merino/Silk and the second was Polwarth/Silk. This was my first experience with carding, creating rolags, and spinning from them. I learned how to do this thanks to LongdrawJames who had an excellent youtube video on how to do this

I took several photos a long the way to record the process. I had a lot of fun and it became so much easier to do over time. I'm really impressed with how well I took to it and how much I enjoyed working on this project. I'm waiting for the finished yarn to dry and then I'll start knitting with it.

When spinning this I wanted to make it a bit thicker than the yarn for the other cowl so I went to the largest groove on the flyer drive whorl. Also because I was spinning from rolags this made the yarn semi-wollen causing it to be more airy and poof than it would be normally. This resulted in the yarn being more poofy and I was able to obtain 1,003 yards out of the 8.3 oz of fiber.

Settings for Singles
Bobbin Drive - groove 1
Flyer Drive - groove 2 on lace whorl
Tension 25%

Settings for Navajo Plying
Bobbin Drive - groove 1
Flyer Drive - groove 2 on regular whorl
Tension 25%

This yarn should hopefully be dry tomorrow and then I'll get to start knitting this into a cowl. It's a belated present for my Mom. I was hoping to get it done earlier in the winter season but was having a hard time finding just the right wool to spin it out of. It's going to be so luxurious.

This Saturday I'm hoping to make it to the Eastside Spinners Guild. Will be my first time going to a regular spinning meet up here. I'm looking forward to meeting lots of new creative people. 

In a blog to come I hope to share with you all a special project I'm hoping to accomplish this year that involves photography and fiber arts. :)


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Catching up from my Vacation (HUGE UPDATE)

Just last Sunday I got back from a two week trip to visit family and friends back in Indiana. I can't say it wasn't exciting that's for sure!!! My first full day(Monday June 25th) I headed over to Sherri's for an absolutely wonderful massage. I'm still trying to find the right massage therapist back home. Having a massage once a month is one of the most wonderful things in the world. Afterwards Mom and I did some shopping and then we made 10 dozen snickerdoodles. Oh my goodness were they delicious! You might say wow that sure is a lot of cookies how are you going to eat them all before they go stale. The secret is they freeze extremely well. Though they were pretty much all gone by the end of the week. :)

On Tuesday we went to see my favorite lions at the Potawatomi Zoo Mr Onyo and Tango. They are hands down the most handsome lions I've ever met. Such beautiful flowing manes.

Onyo Photo by Evanita W Montalvo
On Wednesday later in the evening I got to catch up with Claire. Had a nice time got to meet her two little bundles of joy Bruce and Theo.

On Thursday we had the most unbelievably hot day ever.. It hit 108F the highest temp recorded for the city in the record books. We should have known something was going to follow in it's wake the next day....

Friday since Leslie had the day off I headed over to her place so we could hang out. Had a great time we did a lot of spinning.. yes yes LESLIE got to spin.. it's been awhile since she last spun. It's about time! I was spinning "Water Lilies" Merino/Tencel 50/50 by All Spun Up and Leslie was spinning New Zealand Corriedale that she dyed herself.

My spinning on the left and Leslie's on the right. Photo by Leslie.
Here's Java very intrigued by the spindle. Photo by Leslie.
Afterwards Leslie and I went to a Chinese Buffet and then we were off to go see BRAVE....unaware of the disaster that would follow suit. As we approached the theater we see super nasty darkness approaching fast... and I mean really fast. As soon as we got all our stuff out of the car Leslie yelled run and we both high tailed it for the nearest building for safety. The winds came rushing in sending all of the mulch and dirt in our faces.. NOT PLEASANT.. to say the least. We finally made it to the theater but it looked pretty darn scary. My parents were supposed to meet us there but I had to call them to tell them to not leave the house. The winds were just way too high and it looked like a tornado could spawn at any moment. We couldn't even see out into the plaza from the front doors of the theater.. that's just how windy it was and the rain was coming down horizontally. The storm did blow through fairly quickly. We found out later the storm was a Derecho and reached winds of up to 91 MPH. My dad made it to the theater to watch the movie which luckily the power hadn't gone out. The movie was great!! We really enjoyed it.

After the movie was over I went over to Leslie's as I left some stuff over there and wanted to help out with some of the clean up. I had never seen so much damage... everywhere huge trees and limbs down causing power lines to be down.. smooshed cars etc. Many people were without power until Wednesday the following week some not until the following weekend. Not a fun time when several days we were approaching or exceeding 100F.

This is the Mulberry Tree in my Mom's backyard. Photo by Mom
Here's two videos of the storm(not mine). They really show just how strong and damaging this storm was.

Saturday we headed down to Kokomo to visit my Grandparents for my Grandpa's 80th Birthday celebration. It was wonderful to get to see all of the family.

Here's Grandma with the shawl I made her
Saturday also marked the first day of the Tour de Fleece. I decided to start with the Suri Alpaca I purchased from Woolgatherings. It is by far the most difficult fiber I've ever had the opportunity to work with. I will say I've definitely learned some tricks on how to manage it better but boy... talk about frustrating! I'll save my Tour de Fleece photos and stories for a separate post. :)

Sunday we went to the Whitehouse Ohio Butterfly House. One of my favorite places to take photos. Unfortunately the selection of butterflies was rather limited than usual so I had some difficulties getting some good photos.On our way back we passed by another gusty storm that had some pretty awesome but creepy clouds. They are called Mammatus clouds and are frequently seen during potentially tornadic thunderstorms. Needless to say we didn't pull over for pictures.

Monday marked my first day back to work after my one week off. It had been quite some time since I last took a full week off of work. Lots of catching up to do was had!! While I was working Miko spent the majority of the time sitting next to me wanting pets and if I didn't pet her this is the face I'd see. I sure did miss my pupperoos. They are by far the best doggies I've ever had.

I think I was missed what do you think?
Tuckered out from all the heat
Later that evening we made Oreo truffles a recipe I learned how to make from Linhart's Mom. This was Mom's first time making them. We managed to get all the way to the point we rolled the little oreo balls but by the time they would be ready for dipping it was just way too late.

On Tuesday we dipped all 47 truffles we made. Boy were they delicious they sure didn't last very long. I gave a baggie to both Leslie and Sherri on the 4th... Lets just say the next day only ONE remained hahah.

For dinner Mom, Papi, and I went to Flat Top Grill one of my absolute favorite places to eat. You are able to pick out all the ingredients you want for your stir fry as much as you can fit in your bowl, pick out your sauces, select the types of meat you'd like, and then they cook it up for you. We try to pile our bowls as much as possible for delicious left overs. Now my dad... he has this whole pile your bowl to the max thing down to an art. You can see below that he uses snow peas to provide a fencing around the edge of the bowl. He also uses noodles last to provide a webbing to keep all the ingredients in the bowl.
Papi's bowl prior to adding rice and noodles
Here's Papi looking proud of his extremely large amount of food he's piled up
This is my bowl up front and Mom's in the back
Papi's finished delicious food
My finished stir fry along with my spindle
Mom's finished stir fry
Tuesday night Peter and Katie came over to play games. Boy to I miss those two back in high school/college we used to go bowling on Fridays and stay up late at Steak and Shake and play card games till 1-3 am. Good times good times. Peter of course was dying to play Alley a board game that my Grandparents taught us how to play. Grandpa even made the board itself. He was also looking forward to having some of my Mom's Salsa. After a game of Alley we taught my parents and brother Pete how to play a Vietnamese card game called 13 or Tien Len. It's a bit hard to grasp at first which is why I was never able to teach them how to play. It's always best to leave the professional to explain the rules hehe. After a few games everyone was pretty comfortable with the rules and we were having an extremely great time. We ended up playing games until almost 2 am!

Wednesday started out pretty slow... was all we could do to wake up in the morning. We tried to go to the Botanical Conservatory but it was just too darn hot. Later that day we went over to Leslie's to watch the Fireworks. Was so much nicer than going to where they actually set them off and then dealing with all the traffic. I was really surprised that we even had a Fireworks display as there had been a burn ban over the past two weeks due to the drought.

Thursday after work I went to go hang out with Leslie.. and what do you know another wind storm blew through. This one was definitely not as bad as the first one however it still caused a lot of damage as a side affect of the storm that hit the Friday before. From that point forth it was determined that bad storms happen when Leslie and I are hanging out...

Mom found a beautiful Gray Tree Frog(or Cope's Gray Tree Frog we aren't able to determine the species) on the way to pick me up from Leslie's. I had never seen one before in town so she had to catch it so I could see it. More than likely it was knocked out of the trees by all the wind from the storm. Poor little froggie.

Photo by Mom http://tazzy-.deviantart.com/
I didn't do much on Friday however Mom made another big batch of cookies with the majority going back home with me for Linhart. Which he was extremely happy about. There is only 10 left it's now going on the 14th.

Saturday was my last day in town lots to do so little time. We ended up watching the new Spider-Man movie on IMAX which was AMAZING!! I'm so glad we got to watch it. I was worried that with the heat and so many being out of power that it would result in an increase of people going to the movies just to stay cool.

Sunday early morning I headed back out to Washington. Had a rather uneventful flight though my layover was too short and my checked luggage didn't make it on the plane. Luckily it made it safe and sound to our place Monday night.

Over all it was a wonderful two week trip. I loved being able to see so much of my family and getting to spend time with my best friends Leslie and Peter. Hopefully I didn't miss anything. It was a busy two weeks. Next update will be about my first 2 weeks of Tour de Fleece. :)